What Is the Difference Between Roman and Roller Blinds?

What Is the difference between roman and roller blinds? There is a difference between roman blinds and roller blinds in terms of appearance and functionality. The main difference is that roman blinds have slats or folds which occupy window space when they are open, resulting in reduced natural light and a semi-blocked view. On the other hand, a roller blind can roll into a space-thrifty head rail to maximise view and natural light. Generally speaking, a roller blind is the easier of the two to operate as you only need to pull on one chain to lower or raise them. However, they do require a little more maintenance as you need to keep an eye on the pleating to ensure that it lifts evenly and neatly.

Can you have roller blinds and Roman blinds?

Both Roman and roller blinds offer a wide range of fabrics to choose from which are available in both solid and patterned designs. They also come in varying thicknesses which provide different insulation qualities depending on the fabric used.

Roller blinds have a sleeker appearance which makes them the perfect choice for offices and are more versatile than roman blinds in terms of insulation and glare control. They can be front rolled in an inside mount or back rolled in an outside mount application to suit your home’s décor. Additionally, they can be custom-built at affordable prices and are easy to maintain as there are no individual slats to dust or gather. However, they do not insulate as well as roman blinds and the use of cords can pose a strangulation risk for children and pets so you should opt for a cordless option in your home with young kids or animals.

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