Vape Detectors For Schools

vape detector is on the rise, especially among teens, and schools are scrambling to do something about it. They are starting to install detectors that mimic smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in areas like bathrooms and closets. These devices detect the vapor cloud produced by electronic cigarettes and vape products, and send a notification to someone who can stop the behavior before it gets out of hand.

Vape Detector: Enhancing Safety and Awareness in Your Space

Unlike surveillance cameras, these sensors do not record video and do not infringe on students’ privacy. However, they do rely on students to inhale properly to avoid triggering an alarm. If you’re going to invest in a vape detector, it’s important that your team includes all stakeholders (IT director, administrators, security, school safety team and educators) to ensure effective workflows for alert activation and use of the device.

A good vape detector is designed with use-case considerations in mind and should be able to differentiate vapor from normal breathing, as well as other chemicals in the air, such as body or disinfectant sprays. For example, the SV20 series from Verkada features 12 unique detection sensors that work in tandem to measure temperature, humidity, PM 2.5, CO2, vaping/smoking, motion, AQI and TVOC as well as detect sound abnormalities (i.e. shouting). Sensor settings can also be customized for your unique environment. This means you can eliminate nuisance and false alarms that singular sensors are susceptible to, while providing a higher level of vaping/smoking detection than single-sensor devices.

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