Psychedelic mushrooms are booming, but they’re still illegal.

Shrooms Canada and Schedule35 Offer Psychedelic Mushrooms

Fueled by rising demand, evolving medical research and small but significant changes to federal drug policy, Shrooms Canada specializing in magic mushrooms are popping up across Canada. They’re offering a rare glimpse into the mind-altering world of psilocybin, which occurs naturally in some mushroom species and belongs to the class of drugs known as hallucinogens.

The burgeoning business has brought challenges, including a heightened police presence that saw one Winnipeg storefront raided earlier this year. But the company, which operates other locations in Ottawa and Toronto, has reopened. The owners say their goal is to provide an educational experience, while ensuring safety.

Exploring the World of Shrooms in Canada

Inside, the gray exterior is covered with a mosaic of psychedelia, from Incan gods spewing fire to stoner-centric comic books penned by Dana Larsen. The storefront is a reincarnation of an online retailer that Larsen and her brother run, which has become Canada’s largest psilocybin seller since 2022.

The website Shrooms Canada offers a wide range of options for those looking to purchase, including raw, dried and pre-made varieties. It also provides a wealth of information on proper dosing and safety guidelines. The Third Wave, another reputable online seller, is a great resource that breaks down the science behind psilocybin’s effects while linking to safe purchasing options. And Schedule35, which specializes in mail-order sales across the US and Canada, caters to not only experienced psychonauts but also newcomers to the world of hallucinogens.

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