Parking Lot Staining Naples

Many people don’t think about the parking lot lines, but as a business owner, you should! A well-marked parking lot not only makes your business look good, it helps prevent accidents and provides clear direction for customers. A lot that isn’t properly striped can lead to fender benders, lost customers, and lawsuits. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a parking lot striping naples contractor:

parking lot striping naples  companies don’t price by square footage, but rather by the number of lines they plan to paint, or in the case of ADA compliance, the number of accessible spaces to mark. Parking lot striping prices start at $300 and will usually require a full day for completion if painting over existing lines, or up to two days for brand new lots.

Navigating Naples with Precision: The Art and Importance of Parking Lot Striping

A reputable parking lot striping company will use water-based, oil-repellent paint that will hold up against weather and car fluids. The best painters will also fill asphalt potholes, cracks and other imperfections before starting to ensure crisp, clear lines that are easy to read.

You can expect a quality parking lot striping job to last at least three years, depending on the amount of traffic it sees and how frequently it is used. Regular maintenance and reapplication will help it last even longer. Beware of shady, fly-by-night striping contractors that have little to no experience or training. They may offer low prices and quick work but in the long run they leave you with a poor-quality job that will fade quickly.

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