Ozempic Celebrities

Ozempic Celebrities

In the world of  Ozempic Celebrities culture, where the demands to look thin are constantly pushed forward, it’s almost a sport to watch who will get called out next for not fitting the skinny mold. But while pushes for transparency about Photoshop use and plastic surgery have helped usher in a new era of body positivity, the resurgence of skinny culture points to remaining cracks. One of those cracks is the alleged popularity of Ozempic, which has been dubbed Hollywood’s latest weight loss method after it was discovered that many stars are using the prescription medication off-label for a quick fix.

Originally approved by the FDA for treating Type 2 diabetes, the injection (which is self-injected weekly into the stomach, thigh or arm) has gained fame as the latest wellness fad due to its ability to help people lose weight quickly. Elon Musk, Chelsea Handler and other celebrities have been vocal about their decision to take the drug, which has a different brand name in the United States called Wegovy.

Tracking Progress with Ozempic: Inspiring Before and After Weight Loss Journeys

While some stars have been very open about their use of the medication, others have been less so. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards faced accusations that she was taking the drug after she posted a mirror selfie in January 2023, which was followed by a caption referencing her “toning regimen.”

However, the star denied the claims in a lengthy Instagram post. “I’ve never been on ozempic and I never will be!” she wrote, explaining that the slimming tips she learned at a wellness spa were to blame for her recent slimming.

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