Number Network Checker


Number Network Checker is a real-time carrier lookup that detects disconnected numbers and subscribers who have been suspended or cancelled their service. This is important to know when sending SMS messages to a contact or prospect since it saves money and resources by only contacting active subscribers. This validation tool is free to use and will only take a few seconds to complete. Simply enter the phone number and select the country to start the lookup.

Carrier Lookup API

A phone carrier lookup is a service that allows users to identify the mobile network operator (or carrier) for a specific phone number. This data can be used for a variety of purposes including determining whether or not a phone number is still in service, routing telecommunications, and tailoring marketing efforts.

For example, if you’re running a local campaign to reach potential customers or clients, it would be helpful to know if they’re using AT&T or T-Mobile since this can help you plan your messaging strategy. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for persons to change cell phone providers or get rid of their phones completely, so a quick carrier lookup can save you from wasting valuable advertising resources and sending messages to inactive contacts.

IPQS offers a real-time phone carrier lookup service that uses direct connections with carriers around the world to retrieve accurate data. Each lookup starts with a quick syntax check and then matches the number against active line types such as landline, mobile/cellular, or virtual lines (VOIP). In addition, each check performs deep ping checks directly with the carrier to identify connected and disconnected phone numbers while also performing additional reputation checks to detect abuse history and spamming patterns.

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