How to Stop Spam Bots on Instagram

Instagram doesn’t always catch these spam bots, and if left unchecked, they can damage your reputation and sour the experience for real fans. Every comment from a bot that’s posted and goes unchecked is one that might have been missed by an overlooked human fan who could’ve brought you new followers, genuine engagement, or positive feedback.

How do I remove bots from my followers?

Instagram takes spam bots seriously, and spam bots on instagram continue to refine their systems and improve their methods to make it harder for these fake accounts to get away with violating community guidelines. Even still, this is a problem for private and business accounts alike that can have real consequences like a ban or a poor user experience.

A common tactic for spambots is to mimic popular accounts or brands that have a lot of followers. They’ll then create a similar-looking account with an absurd username in order to try and dupe people into following them. This is especially common among celebrity accounts and other big names that have a large following.

Spam bots may also post automated messages that lure readers into a scam, whether it’s a porn service, pyramid scheme, or fake collaboration opportunity. This is a problem for both personal and brand accounts, but it’s particularly bad for businesses that can risk getting banned or having their reputation damaged.

Although Instagram has made some efforts to prevent these bots, the platform is limited in what it can do given how advanced these tools have become. For this reason, it’s best for businesses to use a third-party tool that offers tailored features to keep their comments section clean and free of spam. Fraud Blocker, for example, offers protection against Instagram spam bots to help reduce ad waste and improve your performance.

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