BioCBD Plus Review

Biocbd+ was founded by a man on a mission to help a boy with Crohn’s disease. He made a film about his journey, and now the company is a for-benefit organization that offers a few unique products, including CBD gummies and organic fruit slices. The brand also focuses on water-soluble formulations, meaning their products are 5-10x more bioavailable than oil-based CBD options. This makes them a sustainable choice, and they provide certificates of analysis for every item on their website.

Biocbd+  Plus’s CBD Topical Oil is scientifically formulated to penetrate deep into muscles and joints, providing targeted relief. The product features a powerful blend of ingredients, including eucalyptus, burseraceae, ginger, white willow bark, and CBD. To use, rub the oil into painful, inflamed, or irritated areas. Reapply as needed.

BioCBD+ and the Entourage Effect: How Multiple Compounds Work Together

Another popular option from BioCBD Plus is their I AM Peace Vaporizer, which can calm anxiety and help you sleep better. The vaporizer is easy to use, and the company provides a number of different sized vape cartridges to fit your needs.

The BioCBD Plus Capsules are one of the best-selling items from the brand, and they feature a specialized formula designed to support muscle and joint health. In addition to CBD, the capsules contain curcumin and magnesium.

The price of the caps can be a bit high, but they are formulated with a blend of ingredients that is not often seen in other CBD supplements. The company’s focus on charity is also a positive, as it means that the people who use their products can rest assured knowing that a portion of their purchase is helping someone less fortunate than them.

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